Almond pollination is just about over and the bees are starting to wake up to the sounds and smells of Spring.

Orders now being taken for
Queen bees and five-frame nucs.


Our famous Creamed Honey is
back in stock.



Hampton Hives wins again ...

2017 champion sash

2017 Royal Sydney Easter Show is Australia's National Honey Competition

 Champions - Creamed or Granulated Honey
 1st place - Creamed honey
 2nd place - Creamed honey
 3rd place - Natural Granulation Honey, fine grained

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Gold smoker... and wins again

Victorian Apiarists' Association Conference Competition
1st place - Creamed Honey
The prize - a beautiful gold smoker!


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Local Beekeeping Support Group

We support a group of local beekeepers who meet once a month
to help each other in beekeeping endeavours.
From beginners to experienced, traditional hives to Flow hives
and everything in between - all welcome!
We meet the first Sunday of each month at 10.30am - venue variable.

Please email if you would like to know more.

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About Us

Hampton Hives Honey is collected from local beehives, primarily in the Melbourne Bayside area.¬†The bees collect nectar from a myriad of flower varieties growing in suburban gardens and parks rather than from crops or plantations and this accounts for Hampton Hives Honey’s sumptuous flavour.

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We collect the honeycomb from our own hives and carefully extract and strain the honey at room temperature. Excessive heat speeds up the processing of honey but unfortunately this can destroy many of the health benefits, so by taking the time to extract at room temperature, the honey retains its maximum health value.